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Real Name: Logan. Chief Sentence Officer (CSO). Aspiring CIO. Cybersecurity Entertainer, Writer & Presenter. Humanity, not machinery. Empathetic & altruistic.
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It is not a secret that I’m not a fan of Social Media of any description, but the one platform I used daily for 15 years was the professional networking site LinkedIn. Initially signing up in 2006 and, over time, cultivating my profile and connections like a well-manicured garden, I felt LinkedIn was a solid foundation upon which to build my online presence.

Over the past few years and the last 12 months, that well-manicured garden has all but died. My virtual plants are in a state of despair despite my best efforts to maintain them. …

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By now, you have heard all about the Microsoft Exchange Server attacks and the global impact upon thousands of businesses. Cybersecurity professionals, system integrators, and vendors pounced, offering everything from advice to services and all points in between. As is the case with many compromises and cyber incidents, some seek help while many seek profit.

Instead of telling you what you undoubtedly heard countless times since the news broke about the Microsoft Exchange attacks, I will dive back into the Australian Government’s Information Security Manual (ISM). …

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The more complex you make accessing your data, the more difficult it is for a cybercriminal to compromise it. And the more likely you’ll stuff it up by making it too cumbersome to use. Sometimes I want to think that we make life too easy for nefarious individuals because we wish that easiness for ourselves, but the reality is that there is more at stake than just an inconvenience.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) gets a lot of lip service by security professionals and is recommended highly by businesses to protect your information. …

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