Nine Thoughts On Digital Life

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The more communication technology we have, the less we communicate.

A meeting is where we discuss everything we would be doing if we weren’t in the meeting.

We’re now recording the present to watch in in the future and relive the past.

We don’t care what is on; only what else is on.

Moving from ignorance to awareness is tough enough but moving from awareness to action is nearly impossible.

With nearly every child today not knowing a world without the Internet, smartphones, and millions of apps, are we finding more willful ignorance or simply desensitisation?

Sacrificing your health, friends, and family to pursue someone else’s dream can become your nightmare.

Information Technology is the only industry whose growth is dependent on the problems it creates.

In an era of apparent cyber narcissism, one wonders why we seek virtual validation through social media to measure our worth. We obsess over the number of “Likes”, comments on, and shares of our posts without realising those we seek validation from are likely seeking reciprocity.

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