Personal Profit, Personal Privacy

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How many of you remember when it was a thing to fill out surveys in your spare time to get coupons, vouchers, discounts, tickets to events, and even cash? “Work from home”, they’d say. “Make money in your spare time”, they’d say.

We all wanted to make a few extra dollars. Some people made a good haul from it for a while. Some even made money by telling others how to make money by filling in surveys. There were subscription services to automatically send you links to surveys and give you tips to maximise your income. Maybe you were even invited to participate in a focus group.

Harmless enough, right? Click on a few boxes, fill in a few details, get free stuff. Maybe share a few ideas and opinions… no bid deal, right?

You know all that personal information you provided, from favourite colours to cars to pets to family to sports to brands you like? All those surveys you filled in for years but have now since long forgotten?

Where do you think that information ended up?

Most likely in the hands of an information broker.

A google search of information brokers reveals a wealth of details about who they are and what they do and not all of it makes me feel very good.

Think before you divulge any details in the interest of personal gain; you may not be the one who profits.

Stay safe out there.

Aspiring CISO. Cyber Entertainer, Writer, and Presenter. Humanity, not machinery. An observer of how we use and abuse technology. Empathetic and altruistic.

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