Short-Term Flood, Long-Term Drought?

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We’ve got a grip on this now, but how long can we hang on?

I’m not as worried about us now as what I will be.

We have an onslaught of technology and communications. We’re falling over each other with offers to help, solutions, and checking in on each other. There is no lack of communication among us, and many of us are spending hours every day in meetings — platforms like WebEx, Teams, and Zoom are wildly popular.

Sales of mobile devices and home office equipment are booming.

But what’s next? What will change when we go back to our “normal” lives at home and work?


Despite the conditions under which we are living, fo many of us, this is the figurative “shiny new toy” way of living.

What about when we settle into our routines, and the communications become tiresome? What about when we reach a point where we just assume each other is OK, and we’ll “check-in tomorrow”?

I’m not so worried about how we are right now, but how we’ll all be tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year.

While the novelty of this situation will wear off, our need to look after each other should grow.

But slowly.

Right now, it’s kind of like over-watering your plants and I feel like I’m drowning.

Stay safe out there.


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