Staying Connected; Being Hyperconnected

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We need to stay in touch, but how much is too much?

Here are some of my Friday Thoughts after the first few weeks of work-from-home/social isolation.

I appreciate the value of staying connected; I do, but it feels like we’re now hyperconnected. I feel like I need to be on Teams, WebEx, Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a dozen other platforms 24/7 and put in even longer hours trying to get everything done.

It feels like everyone wants everything, immediately, and without excuses. Their projects are of utmost importance. Their emails and messages are all critical. Those who would otherwise ignore are those who now scrutinise, criticise, complain, and demand relentlessly.

I’ve been slowly trying to personally communicate one-on-one with many of you like a good show of care and will continue to do so, but give you lots of space as well.

On the other side of the equation is the constant bombardment of generic, broad, impersonal “stay connected” messages, and we’re starting to talk more about doing than actually doing when trying to work and learn from home.

Add that to the flood of secure work/school messages and solutions for sale along with the constant barrage of celebrities promoting “we’re all in this together”. As an aside, that song is getting played to death on the radio).

It’s getting to be a bit much, and I’m starting to shut down.

Get up, get away from your screen, put down the phone, close your eyes and take ten deep breaths. In, hold, out, hold, repeat. If you’re going to prioritise anything on your to-do list, make it your mental health and self-care.

Stay safe out there.


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