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Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

For those of you who watched “The Great Hack” on Netflix, I’m sure you’re eagerly looking forward to the sequel.

Think I’m crazy? Lost the plot? Loopy? Bananas? Just think for a moment.

With the current political landscape globally underpinned by the current cyber threat landscape and technological evolution, why would we think what led to the events of that documentary won’t happen again?

We’ve paid the events that transpired a lot of lip service but are we certain we’ve evolved in both analogue and digital senses to where it will never happen again? Unlikely.

We spend more time online, share more online, do more online. Exist online, even. No amount of technical controls will offset the capabilities of people once triggered with a visceral reaction.

With tens of thousands of points of data out there about all of us and everyone we’re connected to, being so deeply invested in our digital lives allows us to be targeted, manipulated, and influenced to achieve the desired outcomes of others.

I don’t have answers. I’m open to your ideas and theories.

What fascinates and motivates me most is how we live digitally vicarious. For now, I’ll keep refreshing my Netflix feed and watching for “The Great Hack Part 2”.

Stay safe out there and look out for one another.


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