Winning Eyeballs: The Battle For Social Media Dominance

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How do we win the attention we need to succeed in Social Media Marketing?

The average attention span of a Social Media user, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and dozens of other platforms, is about as long as it takes to scroll the length of the display on their mobile device.

Oddly enough, it may be longer depending on the device — a tablet takes a fraction longer to scroll and then a bit more again for a laptop or desktop. The bigger the screen, then perhaps the longer your content remains in view.

It depends entirely on what users are looking for and in some instances, even if they have something like “autoplay videos” enabled can skew the metrics we study to determine viewership.

I find when I’m after something specific, I take my time but when browsing, spend little time on any one topic. I have also found that spending more time on specialised platforms, such as Peerlyst, I get far fewer views but much more interaction and value.

Some of the social media marketing gurus tell us to create so much content which can only work to a degree.

I’d rather avoid the shotgun marketing with feed saturation and instead focus on interacting with a smaller audience.

Aspiring CISO. Cyber Entertainer, Writer, and Presenter. Humanity, not machinery. An observer of how we use and abuse technology. Empathetic and altruistic.

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